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Dutch Decor launches annualy two trend focused collections, in springtime and autumn. The collection consists of a wide variety of interior textiles, tailored for the different style groups. In addition to the changing trend collections, we present our continuous essentials – basic items that complement each interior. As a result, a suitable cushion, plaid or table linen set is available for every home style.


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Welcome to the majestic world of Hoii. Our designers follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and have been travelling around the world for years. On these journeys, they have searched for hidden interior treasures such as extraordinary design, vibrant textiles and authentic craftsmanship with royal allure. During these journeys, our designers have gained endless inspiration. These experiences are cherished and translated into memorable stories, when coming home. We would like to take you on a journey through the world of Hoii.

The story of Hoii tells in short about the years of experience and knowledge that the team has gained during their travels, and which makes them want to welcome the luxurious feeling when coming home. This symbolises our vision: “We see that people attach increasing value to coming home in style. We believe that your interior should be a reflection of yourself.” Hoii is committed to its mission: “Coming home is a pampering moment with the atmosphere and warmth of Hoii.” This symbolises the style group ambient-classic; “ambient through the colours and designs and classic in connection with the high quality of the product. This overall picture reflects the Coming Home slogan and encompasses the entire experience of the Hoii brand.”

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private label

All products are produced in the Far East. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge in the Far East, we are able to manufacture the right products that fit your needs perfectly. If you would like to creat your own label, we can make it happen.

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In our showroom you will find yourself in a world full of interior textiles. Be inspired by our collections according to the latest trends and essentials that you will find all year round. Beautiful interior textiles for every room in your house, conveniently arranged by theme.

You are most welcome to visit our showroom and take a look at our collection. Leave a message via this form to contact us.

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