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house of inspiration

We are rogon. For 25 years we have traveled the world to find the most beautiful, inspiring and affordable textilefashion for your home and garden.

Why Rogon?

Inspiring retailers, both big and small, is a fundamental part of who we are. But what inspires us? If we are completely honest, we can say that to this day our answer remains: textiles!
We have spent the past 25 years travelling all over the world from our home base in Helmond to acquire beautiful, functional, ethically-sourced, and sustainable interior textiles that have been crafted with love. They are designed in the Netherlands but have been manufactured all over the world by people who share our passion and motivation.

We are family!

We are a family-owned business and it shows. Our focus is on the long term when it comes to our products and relationships. Key words in our vocabulary are responsible, high quality, and sustainable. We are proud of our staff and our loyal customers, and we are all equally passionate about being front-runners in the interior textiles sector.

Why not? One interview could signify the beginning of a successful, lasting collaboration!